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Continental Breakfast & Registration


Continental Breakfast & Registration

Chair's Welcome

Olga Corbett Director of Financial Planning and Analysis Intertek

Funding Innovation Within the Finance Function Through Agile Economics

• Ensuring innovation investments pay off, and measuring tangible outcomes from your innovation programs

• Deciding where to invest limited financial resources - exploring potential opportunities and validating business concepts quickly

• Balancing financial prudence against funding innovation programs - reducing risk by applying lean practices to your innovation programs

• Active participation with technology and business leaders to ensure speed to value while demonstrating fiscal responsibility

David O'Malley Innovation & IT executive GE Digital

Building a Next Generation Finance Team and Business Partnering

• Building and leading a strong, flexible and diverse finance team that is fit to flourish for years to come
• Fostering an ‘innovation culture’ within your finance department
• Streamlining and modernising traditional finance roles
• Using the finance function as a driver of innovation within your organization

Josh Truppo Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis Five Below
John Cappadona Chief Financial Officer School of Rock
Chris Caswell CFO & COO Clarks

Networking Break

Expense Cards for the Modern Age.

New technologies enable "smart" expense cards with simple to very complex spending restrictions built right in. No longer does Finance need to provide employees with $20K+ credit lines; no longer do employees have to put $Ks of corporate expenses on their personal cards. Instant /automated receipt capture, budgets that can reset daily/weekly/month, single use PO functionality.

Roger Gu Head of Business Development Emburse

Using the FP&A function to support your company’s growth

• Building merchandise and marketing FP&A teams from the ground up
• Impact of the evolving FP&A function on building teams within core areas of your business to support their financial and analytical needs
• How to ‘plant’ FP&A teams within important areas of the business to support your company’s growth

Josh Truppo Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis Five Below

Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Solutions

• How finance leaders can embrace change and pioneer unchartered solutions to enable real time financial frameworks to make good business decisions
• Driving transformational change and developing effective relationships with key business partners to create innovative solutions for your organization
• Tactical approaches to both driving transformational change and developing effective business partnerships to achieve a common goal

Jennifer Rhodes Reilly Vice President, Finance TIAA

Financial Analytics Reinvented

Finance is always looking for greater insight and to do more with fewer resources. But, how can this be achieved with limited bandwidth? Tomorrow’s analytics for Finance Cloud based analytics together with embedded machine learning make it possible to bring innovation to all finance professionals.

Bob Dutcher VP, Product Marketing Oracle

Networking Lunch

Why Automate your Enterprise Investment and Capital Planning Process?

Today’s organizations must evaluate hundred or even thousands of potential projects each year to determine which initiatives are worthy of funding. They must have laser focus on the projects which will contribute to the most value in growing or transforming the business.

But how do you objectively determine which projects will contribute the most to your company’s bottom line?

Steve Kokol Vice President of Global Sales Inpensa

Overcoming Uncertain and Volatile Business Environments

• Forecasting, and making important corporate financial decisions, in volatile and unstable markets
• Dealing with black swans and perfect storms
• Accurately and efficiently incorporating commodity prices, consumer demand and currency exchange rates into your financial planning

Eric Grey Head of Finance - Leadership Team Member Zipcar

Networking Break

Turning Your Finance Team into a Strategic Partner for the Business

• Collaborating effectively with other departments in your organization
• Adding real value as a strategic partner to the rest of the business
• Visually communicating the finance messages in your data, to effectively tell your story to executives
• Providing financial analysis that uncovers key areas of competitive advantage for your business

Jon Kanter Chief Financial Officer Goodwin Procter LLP
Jade Barnwell FP&A Director Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc.
Chris Caswell CFO & COO Clarks
Ryan Wilber Director of Finance Bed Bath & Beyond

Aligning Your FP&A to the Organization’s Commercial Objectives

• Positioning FP&A at the centre of optimizing business performance
• Making your FP&A simple, available and meaningful to the rest of your organization (e.g. through segmenting data correctly, ensuring legibility, etc.)
• Preparing and managing budgets that support your strategic corporate financial plan
• Using your financial data to influence and advise on operational and strategic decision-making, re-invent business processes and improve customer experience

Nick Fischer CFO Betteridge

Chair's Summary & Close of Day One

Olga Corbett Director of Financial Planning and Analysis Intertek

Breakout Workshop

Analytics Reinvented for FP&A

FP&A Professionals are always looking for greater insight into the company. Cloud based analytics together with embedded machine learning make it possible to bring innovation to all finance professionals. Join this session to learn about the latest advanced analytic technologies to meet company goals faster, while conducting more analysis, in the same amount of time. During this interactive session we encourage attendees to share their daily work challenges and glean both insight and answers from peers and analytics leaders.

Bob Dutcher VP, Product Marketing Oracle

Continental Breakfast


Continental Breakfast & Registration

Chair's Welcome

Olga Corbett Director of Financial Planning and Analysis Intertek

Improving Efficiency and Decision-Making with Data Analytics and Digitization

• Setting up and leading a data analytics program out of the CFO’s office
• Data-driven decision-making - how a data analytics program can result in better choices for your finance department
• Which elements of the finance function can be automated or digitized; and what you should leave alone
• Making CFOs an integral part of your organization’s digitization program

Aparna Ramesh CFO Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Capturing Real-Time Financial Data for Immediate Insights and Impact

• Techniques and technologies to get real-time and granular views into revenue streams
• Using real-time data to react quickly to market changes, and to improve the company’s profit over time
• Improving data quality to better understand the profitability of each of the company’s diversified product lines
• Working with the BI and analytics teams, to integrate real-time data analytics and visualization into existing FP&A processes

Jeff Uller Senior Director, Finance & Decision Analysis Vistaprint

Networking Break

Continuous Planning and Rolling Forecast Implementation or a Business with 6-18 Month Development Windows

• Using rolling forecasts and continuous planning to provide more useful information to product teams
• Providing more well thought out forecasts, which become the budget for the subsequent fiscal year
• Responding more effectively to unexpected requests for mid-range forecasts
• Getting higher visibility on your company’s cashflow
• The value of performing ‘practice runs’ that are only viewed internally (working out bugs, gathering internal stakeholder feedback, etc.)

Tim O’Brien Director of Finance & Operations Demiurge Studios

Providing Monthly Forecasts for a $4 Billion Trucking Company

• Designing a rolling forecast process to provide consolidated, segment, and line of business forecasts on a monthly basis
• Taking a bottom up approach, utilizing 16 lines of business KPI metric inputs, to drive accountability within the organization
• Best practice strategies for integrating continuous planning, re-forecasting and rolling forecasts across your organization
• How rolling forecasts can help you adapt to dynamic business challenges and opportunities
• Maximizing continuous driver-based forecasting to keep your planning current and accurate
• Linking your forecasts to strategic and operational decision-making

Michael Stephens Vice President of Finance USA Truck

Networking Lunch

Reshaping Small-Business through Business Intelligence and Analytics

• Finance’s role in leading transformation
• Creating a strong foundation through data governance
• Building and deploying business intelligence tools into the operations
• Evolving into an “insight driven organization”
• Technological advancements on the horizon for Finance and data-driven organizations

James Lopes CFO Rogers & Gray Insurance

FP&A Contribution to a Successful Start-Up

• How solid financial planning can save a start-up’s life
• Setting the right start-up budget – how?
• Typical FP&A problems faced by start-ups - and their solutions

Jennifer Rhodes Reilly Vice President, Finance TIAA
Mario Perez Director of Financial Planning & Analysis Bay State Milling Company
Anju Nagpal Sr. Director, Functional Finance and Control Biogen
Matthew H. Hagen VP of Finance Operations / Global Pricing

Networking Break

Financial Transformation through Pricing Analytics

• Unpacking the foundational theory (price setting & yield strategies, elasticity, etc.)
• Tips and tricks on what and how to manage and measure, and understanding magnitude of impact
• Using pricing / commercial policy as a transformational vehicle
• Walking through real world use cases to understand what these topics can look like in practice

Matthew H. Hagen VP of Finance Operations / Global Pricing

Chair's Summary & Close of Summit

Olga Corbett Director of Financial Planning and Analysis Intertek

Breakout Workshop