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Topics covered

Accurate financial forecasting & planning is essential if organizations are to allocate resources effectively, manage risks and venture into new markets. Increasingly, this requires the need to incorporate commodity prices, consumer demand and currency exchange rates against traditional finance measures. 

Topic Areas Covered Include:

  • Rolling Forecast Implementation
  • The Development of Financial Leadership
  • Finance Transformation
  • Big Data & Financial Analytics
  • Cost Reduction
  • E-Commerce, Internet Banking & Industry Specific Case Studies
  • The full agenda has been released - click here to check it out!

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A Little Lean Goes a Long Way: SF Ballet's Lean Ops Transformation

Kimberly Karim, Chief Financial Officer, San Francisco Ballet


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Executive Summary

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75% Attendees companies have 300+ employees

85% Attendees companies have $50 million+ turnover

95% Attendees are director level or above

  • 75 Speakers
  • 125 Attendees
  • 67 Companies
  • 39 Presentations


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