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Day 1

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Brian Kalish FP&A Consultant Kalish Consultancy

Driving Business Results Through Customer Experience

customers are more educated, more empowered, and have more options available
to them.  While most companies
acknowledge this and put ‘Customer Experience’ as a top business priority,
talk is cheap.  How do companies
execute on this priority and what is the CFOs role?

Join us in
this enlightening session as we discuss the CFOs role in:

Defining the
customer and their changing needs, wants, and expectations
Building a
customer-centric culture throughout your organization
data-driven decision to invest in the RIGHT opportunities
Fostering innovation

Scott Griffiths CFO, Marketing Farmers Insurance

The Future of Finance: Connection and Collaboration

Aziz is an expert in the EPM industry, bringing 20 years of experience to reshaping how Finance executes on its mission to drive peak performance in the organization.  In this keynote presentation, Ron will discuss where Finance has historically been, where it is now and where it needs to go to enable a connected and collaborative organization and how technology will support this transition. 

Aziz Samarrai VP Sales Host Analytics

Role of Finance Through Organization Changes

The role of Finance in both Planning and Reporting becomes critical when organizations realign focus and resources to react to shifts in the market. As companies refine both who they are and who their core customers are, it is imperative that Finance develops a process to define both profitability and insights across key verticals. This first step in the process becomes the focal point to support the Planning process and develop new metrics going forward. This presentation will discuss the organizational focus Ticketmaster has created and in turn the implications to the Finance organization in support of these changes and the impact to the Planning process.

Peter Casciani SVP Finance Live Nation

Networking Coffee Break

The Digital Industrial Finance Leader

Simon Edwards will present an in-depth look at the use of data and analytics to advance finance objectives and further the strategic value of CEO/finance partnerships. He will discuss the opportunities and challenges GE has faced when transitioning from a legacy Industrial business to a contemporary Digital business, and talk about the framework used to prioritize and improve systems and processes when standing up GE Digital.

Simon Edwards VP, Financial Planning & Analysis GE Digital

Effective Cost Management

a high growth or well-established company, leadership should be deliberate
regarding cost management. This includes decisions regarding timing and level
of investments as well as how costs play a key role in the long-term strategy
of the company. In order to drive this success, finance leadership needs to
play a key role at the table, including approvals. Larry will use examples from
twenty-five years of experience and facilitate discussion of pitfalls including
1) companies trying to do too much without adherence to its long-term strategy,
2) decisions made post-acquisition, or by new leadership, without understanding
strategy, 3) trying to save way to success/believe investments can be reduced
without an impact on revenue, and 4) lack of flexibility/contingency plan to
adjust for changing market dynamics or corporate needs.

Larry Bitton Vice President, Finance Allergan


Managing Successful Negotiations: Both Internally and Externally

A day in the life of most CFO’s is a constant game of negotiations.  Whether external parties (banks, clients, vendors) or internal folks, navigating the landscape requires a combination of artistry, diplomacy, creativity and facts.  Different situations call for different approaches to be successful.  Bill Rosenthal, CFO of the PR Firm PMK BNC (an Interpublic Company, NYSE: IPG) shares his experiences from the last 20 years in the creative economy with examples of both successes and failures.

Bill Rosenthal Chief Financial Officer PMK•BNC

Teach Them to Hunt

organizations often become very directive in their communications with
operational business leaders.  It is important that you engage your
business leaders in the “why” discussion.  Take the time to communicate
the big picture, provide them with tools and perspective to make good business
decisions and be there to support them. Teach them to “hunt” on their own
versus just “feeding” them.    

Kevin McDonnell SVP, Chief Financial Officer JAMS

The Changing Role of FP&A

Learn some of the exciting new trends we are seeing in FP&A and how you can be an agent of innovation and change in your organization.

Brian Martell Senior Product Marketing Manager Host Analytics

Networking Coffee Break

Panel: Here There be Dragons

The unknown is a permanent aspect of the budgeting and planning process. But what happens when the business itself is the great unknown?  What do you do when new business models, products or investment opportunities have no relevant precedence in the marketplace? Lou Pizante, CFO of Two Bit Circus, drawing on his experiences building a high-tech circus of tomorrow, moderates this panel of financial “explorers” who have journeyed to uncharted areas of their company’s strategic maps. They share the frameworks and tactics they’ve used to budget, plan and forecast the frontiers of the unknowable. Moderator:Brian Kalish, FP&A ConsultantPanelists:Lou Pizante, CFO, Two Bit CircusBill Rosenthal, CFO, PMK*BNCByron Litsey, Director, FP&A, EDF Renewable Energy

Lou Pizante Chief Financial Officer Two Bit Circus

Business Financing & The Search For Optimum Portfolio Yield

At ACCION San Diego a targeted pipeline approach is composed
of a variety of factors that are captured to evaluate portfolio outcomes. In
this presentation, Javier will look at the way ACCION utilizes them to reverse
engineer successful outcomes as well as less successful ones. He will
illustrate how ACCION’s pipeline stages are used to develop new products and
business service referral alignments. 

Javier Islas Chief Financial Officer Accion

Networking Drinks Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Brian Kalish FP&A Consultant Kalish Consultancy

Optimizing the FP&A Dynamic: What if we’re the problem?

Keeping a team excited, motivated and positively aligned is
challenging in a dynamic environment. Whatever your role on your FP&A team,
you have a unique perspective that brings value to the enterprise,and its fate rests in your hands. 
As you engage key processes with highly visible stakeholders, the way you
approach this endlessly evolving challenge can transform the energy of your
team, and the energy of your enterprise. Are you moving your organization
forward or holding it back? The answer lies in the question, and it may
surprise you!

Byron Litsey Director, Financial Control, Planning & Analysis EDF Renewable Energy

Rolling Forecasts

Join us as Drew discusses Mitchell International’s transition from a mid-year forecast to a rolling monthly forecast process. Heading into 2018, Mitchell’s FP&A team will continue their monthly forecast process but will test a quarterly forecast process for the purposes of board reporting. The session will highlight the pro’s and con’s of each forecast cadence.

Drew Beal FP&A Director Mitchell International

Networking Coffee Break

Data Collection, Analyzation & Automation

Many organizations today are still spending too much time gathering information.  In order for your finance team to be effective, it is important to make the best use of their time.  Does your team spend most of their time collecting data to prepare reports?  Does your team deal with large amounts of data?  This session will offer some ideas that may help them move from data collectors to data analyzers. Technology has come so far in the last few years.  As organizations require more insight into the organization, Finance professionals are developing more reports to help management understand the trends within the organization.  While the use of technology requires change, embracing this change can reduce the repetitive efforts that your team is currently required to perform as well as help them keep their sanity.

Sandy Jones CFO/VP of Finance Keithly-Williams Seeds Inc.

FP&A & Change as Process

With information moving faster than ever, it is no longer only desirable or beneficial to get it fast, but it is a requirement. Via a plethora of IT and data analytics tools, Finance executives are constantly demanding and analyzing more data and always working for faster results. One area that can bring together higher quality, instead of quantity to the data or information is investment in the knowledge people outside of Finance. Transferring financial information and meaning without sharing, confidential numbers, within departments, within the entire organization and external partners is a key to the substance and the shape of information being communicated back to Finance groups. This can not only facilitate financial planning, but also increase quality and achieve great synergies. Receiving information that is at a higher level within the process chain saves time and accelerates the strategic decision making process by starting at a higher point in the analysis. 

George Milchev VP Financial Planning & Strategy Bunim Murray Productions

Reporting Transformation at a Growing Fin-tech

Growth, Profitability, Diversification with 1T1D®! Dividend Finance, a fin-tech company, provides solar and home energy loans to residential and commercial customers. Dividend has experienced 400% growth in 2017 and is forecasting to grow ~50% in 2018. Reporting challenges to all stakeholders were successfully overcome through a combination of team development, internal technology innovation using SalesForce, FinancialForce, CloudLending with heavy use of “Excel”. We established & monitored close and reporting processes and focused on improving the Customer Experience.

Hema Sundarraj VP, Corporate Controller Dividend Solar

Financial Leadership

Financial leadership is created by building a strong partnership with the business. Learn how Michael Kaplan uses finance leadership to effectively communicate within your organization.

Michael Kaplan Former VP, Finance Activision


End of Summit