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Day 1

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Chairperson's Welcome and Overview

Economic Outlook: The Future of Finance- 2019 and Beyond

Overview keynote on the future of finance

Kelly Cunninghan Economist San Diego Institute of Economic Research

The Evolving Role of the FP&A Professional and Role of Finance within Business

• The modern role of finance as part of business
• The FP&A professional as Architect, Change Agent and Storyteller
• Transitioning from back-office function to Strategic Advisor
• Using the finance function as a driver of innovation within your organization

Srini Palamarthy VP, FP&A RetailMeNot
Nishant Mathur Director Planning & Monetization RetailMeNot

Networking Coffee Break

Panel: Building and Empowering High-Performance Finance Teams

• How to create and lead a strong finance team that is flexible and adaptable
• Assessing the skills of your team and determining what needs development – mapping skills
• Creating a correct structure to your team (data scientists, FP&A professionals, etc.)
• Creating an environment conducive to business partnering
• Fostering innovation within your department

Nishant Mathur Director Planning & Monetization RetailMeNot
Charles Chung Director of FP&A Pabst Brewing Company
Srini Palamarthy VP, FP&A RetailMeNot

Interactive Roundtable Discussion led by QueBit Consulting

Discussion will include the importance of the role that FP&A needs to play in leveraging AI and ML within Financial Business Processes and related decision making.

Gary Quirke CEO & Principal QueBIT

Networking Lunch

The Innovative Finance Leader’s Role in Transformational Change

• How finance leaders can embrace change and pioneer unchartered solutions to enable real time financial frameworks to make good business decisions
• Driving transformational change and developing effective relationships with key business partners to create innovative solutions for your organization
• Tactical approaches to both driving transformational change and developing effective business partnerships to achieve a common goal

Jennifer Rhodes Reilly VP Finance, CFO TIAA

Tapping Innovative Technology for People and Processes

• Making the connection - How updating your software and equipment will drive higher value analytical activity and empower your team to deliver better results
• Integrating technology into the finance function for efficiency, cost savings and better forecasting
• How AI and Machine Learning are transforming the FP&A role and increasing the quality & accuracy of financial insights.

Networking Coffee Break

How Big Data is Expanding FP&A Capabilities

• Implementing an effective data strategy for easier and more accurate reporting.
• Financial consolidation
• The use of data visualizations to map out findings

Panel: FP&A as a Business Partner and Driver of Business Strategy

• How FP&A professionals can build trust to align their goals with the operations of the business leaders
• Provide your organization support early on to shape the future strategic direction of the company
• How to drive financial performance through business partnering
• Effectively collaborate with other departments in your organization
• Creating a culture within your organization so everyone is onboard with FP&A

Chair's closing remarks

Meeting Adjourns & Networking Reception Begins

Day 2

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Chairperson's Overview

Using Predictive Analytics to Drive Change

• Leveraging data to drive business outcomes
• Combining business intelligence initiatives with predictive analytics

Panel: Improving Forecasting, Budgeting & Analysis

• How to utilize data to more accurately forecast and influence corporate decisions
• Identifying trends and connections between data and finance to understand actions & impact
• Using data analytics as a tool in the budgeting process

Ramya Velusamy Director of Finance Dollar Shave Club

Networking Coffee Break

Successfully implementing Rolling Forecasts

• Designing a rolling forecast process to provide consolidated, segment, and line of business forecasts on a monthly basis
• Best practice strategies for integrating continuous planning, re-forecasting and rolling forecasts across your organization
• How rolling forecasts can help you adapt to dynamic business challenges and opportunities by driving accountability throughout your organization
• Maximizing continuous driver-based forecasting to keep your planning current and accurate
• Linking your forecasts to strategic and operational decision-making

Michael Stephens Vice President of Finance USA Truck

Problems with Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (and some solutions)

Discussion of significant limitations, namely:
o Extreme sensitivity to certain input assumptions.
o Uncertainty in calculating terminal value
o Ambiguity in the Cost of Equity (especially for private companies)
identifying mitigation strategies

Martin Elliott VP Finance MGA Entertainment

Networking Lunch

Fireside Chat: Finance Through Organization & Consumer Changes

• As companies redefine their goals to meet success and the demanding needs of a consumer, the finance team must also shift their goals to align with the overall organization. This can include profitability and insights.
• How do companies build for growth in an evolving environment?

Networking Coffee Break

The Role of Blockchain in FP&A

• How Block chain has the potential to streamline financial processes
• Mixing Block chain with AI

Panel: How the Finance Team is Driving Transformation

• Proving the value of analytics and innovation to key stakeholders - Using analytics for tangible outcomes
• Using Forecasting to influence and steer an organization
• Visually communicating the finance messages in your data, to effectively tell your story to executives
• Providing financial analysis that uncovers key areas of competitive advantage for your business

Adapting to a New Generation entering the Workforce

• How to attract and retain top talent

Closing Remarks/Meeting Concludes