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Day 1

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Chair's opening remarks

Ivette Zuniga Vice President Finance, HVAC & Transport, Latin America Region Ingersoll Rand

Economic Outlook: The future of finance- 2019 and beyond

Overview keynote on the future of finance

Kelly Cunninghan Economist San Diego Institute for Economic Research

The evolving role of the FP&A professional and role of finance within business

• The modern role of finance as part of business
• The FP&A professional as Architect, Change Agent and Storyteller
• Transitioning from back-office function to Strategic Advisor
• Using the finance function as a driver of innovation within your organization

Srini Palamarthy VP, FP&A RetailMeNot
Nishant Mathur Director Planning & Monetization RetailMeNot

Networking Coffee Break

Intelligent FP&A evolving the office of finance

Businesses, markets, and economies are evolving at a rapid pace. FP&A teams are elevating the relevance and importance of the ‘Office of Finance’ and putting finance teams at the heart of strategic decision making. Ed will discuss how FP&A embracing intelligent technologies, collaborative processes, and agile planning are expanding their circle of influence beyond finance and helping their businesses succeed.

Ed Gromann Chief Product Officer Centage Corporation

Panel: Building and empowering high-performance finance teams

• How to create and lead a strong finance team that is flexible and adaptable
• Assessing the skills of your team and determining what needs development – mapping skills
• Creating a correct structure to your team (data scientists, FP&A professionals, etc.)
• Creating an environment conducive to business partnering
• Fostering innovation within your department

Nishant Mathur Director Planning & Monetization RetailMeNot
Bill Rosenthal Chief Financial Officer PMK•BNC
Charles Chung Director of FP&A Pabst Brewing Company
Srini Palamarthy VP, FP&A RetailMeNot

Networking Lunch

The innovative finance leader’s role in transformational Change

• How finance leaders can embrace change and pioneer unchartered solutions to enable real time financial frameworks to make good business decisions
• Driving transformational change and developing effective relationships with key business partners to create innovative solutions for your organization
• Tactical approaches to both driving transformational change and developing effective business partnerships to achieve a common goal

Jennifer Rhodes Reilly Vice President, Finance TIAA

Meet the New CFO: Reinventing Finance in a Digital World

The influence of finance leaders is expanding as they champion data and digital transformation to propel the finance function to new levels of efficiency and productivity. Many are leading the charge by espousing new technologies, refining processes, maximizing data use, and building a digitally skilled workforce, according to a poll of US finance executives conducted by Innovation Enterprise in partnership with CohnReznick. Survey respondents say that achieving these outcomes will require that they navigate a minefield of pressures that includes heightened executive responsibilities, limited budgets, unreliable data, and inadequate IT resources.

Brandon Barksdale Senior Manager CohnReznick

Designing financial information for consumption by non-financial experts

- Transforming how you communicate with non-financial colleagues: presenting financial information in a more on-demand, self-service and user-friendly way
- Using cloud technology to digitally connect the finance team with other parts of your organization
- Presenting information in a way that enables colleagues to make actionable, real-world decisions that improve financial outcomes

Marko Horvat Director of Financial Planning Kern Medical

Networking Coffee Break

Panel: FP&A as a business partner and driver of business strategy

• How FP&A professionals can build trust to align their goals with the operations of the business leaders
• Provide your organization support early on to shape the future strategic direction of the company
• How to drive financial performance through business partnering
• Effectively collaborate with other departments in your organization
• Creating a culture within your organization so everyone is onboard with FP&A

Bill Rosenthal Chief Financial Officer PMK•BNC

Chair's closing remarks

Ivette Zuniga Vice President Finance, HVAC & Transport, Latin America Region Ingersoll Rand

Networking drinks reception

Day 2

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Chair's opening remarks

Ivette Zuniga Vice President Finance, HVAC & Transport, Latin America Region Ingersoll Rand

Successfully implementing Rolling Forecasts

• Designing a rolling forecast process to provide consolidated, segment, and line of business forecasts on a monthly basis
• Best practice strategies for integrating continuous planning, re-forecasting and rolling forecasts across your organization
• How rolling forecasts can help you adapt to dynamic business challenges and opportunities by driving accountability throughout your organization
• Maximizing continuous driver-based forecasting to keep your planning current and accurate
• Linking your forecasts to strategic and operational decision-making

Michael Stephens Vice President of Finance USA Truck

Panel: Improving forecasting, budgeting & analysis

• How to utilize data to more accurately forecast and influence corporate decisions
• Identifying trends and connections between data and finance to understand actions & impact
• Using data analytics as a tool in the budgeting process

Drew Beal FP&A Director Mitchell International
Michael Stephens Vice President of Finance USA Truck
Ramya Velusamy Director of Finance Dollar Shave Club

Networking Coffee Break

Roundtable: The future of FP&A in a world beyond the capabilities of the spreadsheet

While the spreadsheet has helped raise the importance of FP&A over the past 3 decades, real integration between financial and operational planning and the adoption of AI and ML into the planning processes is the future for FP&A. Spreadsheets are simply not capable of supporting this level of evolution. Now is the time for FP&A to look beyond the spreadsheet, or seriously risk falling behind and becoming less relevant.

Gary Quirke CEO & Principal QueBIT

Multi-dimensional decision making for finance teams

- Building a framework for making better decisions that support your organizational goals
- The importance of financial and non-financial dimensions in making good decisions for your company

Kevin McDonnell SVP, Chief Financial Officer JAMS

Networking Lunch

Roundtable: How FP&A can leverage Machine Learning for better decisions

The FP&A function is the backbone of the enterprise, leveraging financial and operational data to drive better decisions. The FP&A function is under constant pressure to deliver insights in shorter timelines. Conventional thinking is that Machine Learning will make that easy. In this workshop, participants will discuss how Machine Learning has helped them and what they would like to see in the future.

Do you currently use Predictive Analytics and or Machine Learning in your current FP&A process?
How often do you conduct the process? Monthly? Quarterly? Annually?
Do you use time series forecasting or projections in your planning process?
What would you like to predict to improve your planning process?

Kevin McConnell Intelligent Technologies Solution Management SAP

Attracting and retaining top finance talent

• How finance teams can adapt to a new generation entering the workforce

Douglas Paulin Head of EMEA Finance Sonos

Panel: How the finance team is driving transformation

• Proving the value of analytics and innovation to key stakeholders - Using analytics for tangible outcomes
• Using Forecasting to influence and steer an organization
• Visually communicating the finance messages in your data, to effectively tell your story to executives
• Providing financial analysis that uncovers key areas of competitive advantage for your business

Chris James Director of Accounting San Diego Padres
Marko Horvat Director of Financial Planning Kern Medical
Ramya Velusamy Director of Finance Dollar Shave Club

Closing Remarks/Meeting Concludes

Ivette Zuniga Vice President Finance, HVAC & Transport, Latin America Region Ingersoll Rand