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Registration and breakfast


Registration and breakfast

Main Stage: Chair's Opening Remarks

Main Stage Opening Keynote: Virtual Beings Not Virtual Assistants

Edward Saatchi CEO Fable Studio

Main Stage: How to monetize your data

Main Stage Panel: Spotlight on social media

- Best practice when dealing with large data sets
- Understanding data ethics and privacy and how it might affect you in the future

Jeffrey Tang Data Scientist - Team Investigations Tech Lead Twitter
Peipei Wang User Experience Designer LinkedIn

Morning coffee and networking break

Working cross-functionally to bridge the gap between creative and analytical teams

Analytics is a discipline that relies on managing constraints, while creativity is – by design – an exercise in avoiding constraints. Explore in this session how WB Games has developed a discipline that enables developers, marketers and analysts to work at the speed of creativity.

Matt Howell Executive Director, Analytics Warner Bros. Games

Succeeding in personalization at scale

The importance of personalization is repeatedly being shown to us across all industries, but none of these markets seem to have quite the potential for personalization as the gaming space does because we create an already dynamic, interactive product.
To unlock this level of potential, we need to develop not only the underlying tech that will execute this vision, but the techniques and algorithms that will allow insights to scale to such a level. In this talk, Scott will be illustrating methods that EA is using to build comprehensive understandings of their players’ behaviors to power cohesive messaging and recommendations across their numerous platforms and games. Specifically, the attempts to evolve from static moment-to-moment interventions to a holistic understanding of the player’s current state.

Scott Allen Director, Data Science Electronic Arts

Using AI analytics to detect real-time application issues, optimize gameplay experience, and maximize revenue

Bugs, imbalance, crashes, pricing glitches, and churn are all a day in the life of a gaming company. Gaming entities collect 100s of millions and in many cases billions of data points on a daily basis which makes traditional monitoring tools obsolete. Anodot has changed how gaming companies like King and Outfit7 detect, diagnose, and address abnormalities. Discover how a real-time AI powered analytics solution can accurately monitor, correlate, and alert when gameplay experience, and ultimately revenue, is negatively impacted by the maladies that constantly arise in the development and maintenance of a game.

Steven Kirkpatrick Solutions Engineer Anodot

Networking lunch

Turning around a product with effective analytics

The product has launched. Everything seems to be going well but all of a sudden, it isn't. The metrics are going south, and the tricks that worked for a while are no longer working. This session, based on the speaker's own experience in the cut-throat mobile gaming industry, discusses how to quickly diagnose a situation like such and deliver timely solutions to turn around your product.

Lily Shen Product Manager Niantic

Preserving data while minimizing data footprint effectively for performance and costs

Raw event structures change over time and this impacts historical analysis of the dataset. Data Growth contributes to very large event tables which affects the performance of batch jobs and ad hoc queries. At GSN, Samson, Data Products Architect talks about how these issues are mitigated.

Samson Koshy Data Products Architect GSN Games

Hearthstone meta analysis

In Blizzard’s digital collectible card game, Hearthstone, players create 30-card decks and play them against one another, always keeping in mind what is currently top of the ‘meta'. Hear from Tian, Senior Data Scientist, on how they built a data pipeline from this raw gameplay data using unsupervised learning method (clustering) to then get deck prototypes from millions of deck content variations.

Tian Ding Senior Data Scientist Blizzard Entertainment

Afternoon coffee & networking break

Panel: AI and the future of gaming technology

Dylan Rogerson Senior Data Scientist Activision
Erik Archer Smith Head of ABM Treasure Data
Lee Gould Director, Partner Data Systems PlayStation
Caroline Peika Director, Analytics Rockstar Games

Identifying key metrics to enhance customer profiling

Chair's closing remarks

Omeed Rameshni Director, Insights, League of Legends Riot Games

Networking drinks reception

Networking drinks reception ends at 6.00pm.

Registration and breakfast


Registration and breakfast

Chair's opening remarks

How simple analysis can have a substantial impact on helping a company become more data-driven

Toca Boca is the the No. 1 mobile-first kids brand, creating digital toys and playful products for children around the world. The company recently conducted a seasonality analysis, which involved looking at revenue to determine optimal launch dates for products. Toca Boca's growth team used data to recommend target launch release dates for apps that maximized revenue potential. The result was record-breaking app revenue, as well as a complete shift in how Toca Boca produces apps - everything from forecasting financials to building timelines for game development teams. In her session, Nar will discuss what she learned from analyzing data over the course of a year, and how she used her knowledge to effect positive change for the company.

Nar Parisawan Senior Manager Analytics, Growth Lead Toca Boca

Scaling a data science team

Throughout the games industry, the perennial challenge of scaling data science teams remains key to an organization’s success. Understanding how to balance specialization and diversification helps identify how to best build a cohesive data team.Join Florent as he brings his experience from Ubisoft in outlining how to get the most value out of your data science team and ultimately how to successfully be a part of and create the ideal gaming analytics team.

Florent Blachot Associate Director, Data Science Ubisoft

Measuring what matters: identifying the right metrics

In the world of content analytics at Twitch, many business metrics are created to measure content performances. Good metrics are effective in answering business questions, while bad metrics create confusion. It is crucial to identify the right metrics that align with the decision making process. This session explores the good and bad metrics in understanding different content performances.

Sharon Lin Analytics Manager, Content Twitch

Morning coffee and networking break

Panel: Creating the game - from pitch to release

Adrien Comolet Senior Data Analyst Ubisoft
Dylan Rogerson Senior Data Scientist Activision
Caroline Peika Director, Analytics Rockstar Games

Engaging with your Product Managers

Working alongside Product Managers is a key relationship to understand and manage as an analytics professional. Join this session see how Zynga ensure their analytics teams build the tools and technology to help product teams move faster and more efficiently.

Ryan Glosson Lead Product Manager Zynga

Unlocking data to personalize the in-game experience

Networking lunch

Challenge swap

Join us as we hear from peers on key analytical challenges being faced within the industry. A great opportunity to share and learn from the experience in the room on ways to manage and solve your key challenges.

Afternoon coffee & networking break

Main stage: DATAx Start-up Showcase

Hear from the most innovative start-ups in San Francisco and how they will change the data landscape in the next few years.

Chair's closing remarks