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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Richard Rabbat CEO Gfycat

The Power of Mobile in Igniting Social Movements

How Fearless
Girl became a global phenomenon and what you can learn from the brands that
drive us to care and share.

Gemma Craven Director Social & Mobile McCann New York's "Fearless Girl"

Monetizing AI and IoT at Scale

A great deal of buzz has been happening lately around the future of AI and IoT, yet few examples exist on how we can insert these experiences into consumer’s lives in meaningful ways, at scale. Additionally lacking are robust examples of meaningful monetization of branding or advertising within these experiences.In this presentation, we will be reviewing key challenges and pragmatic opportunities of these nascent technologies through the lens of B2C, B2B and B2i (the individual). Audience participation will be key, so come prepared to engage.

Brian Hull Global Head of Creative Labs IBM Watson Advertising

Networking Coffee Break

Are GIFs the Future of Marketing?

Rabbat’s talk will discuss:


Facebook users watch only the first 3-5 seconds of a video on average, and
80% view it without sound. Users are already turning marketing content into
GIFs—and brands are capitalizing on this short form obsession by turning
their long form content into small, "snackable" moments.


Trend-setting marketers are already using GIFs to build an in-touch,
millennial brand voice, share quick product demonstrations, and provide
quick visuals to break up text. These GIFs drive engagement and position
brands on the cutting-edge.


GIFs will revolutionize unexpected industries—from long form journalists
breaking up articles with GIFs to fashion labels showing an entire new line
in less than 3 seconds. As fun content that activates emotions, they'll
spread like wildfire.

Richard Rabbat CEO Gfycat

We need a mobile app!

How many times have you heard that from your Leadership. And how many times have you asked “Why?” or “What for?”

If you don’t understand the Journey of those who already buy from you, those who want to (and those YOU want to), you will fail before you even begin.

Join me for a conversation where we will discuss how to unlock the Customer Journey, quickly identify the pain points and free your organization to work with fluidity and purpose.

MQ Qureshi Founder & CEO Xoobies

The Invisible Power of Sound in Mobile

Sound has the power to influence emotion and engagement. Done well, it makes experiences more desirable. Done poorly, it will turn people away. Kevin will share a variety of research-backed sonic experiences to illustrate the invisible power of sound, and he’ll share Sonic Design Principles that you can bring into your own work.

Kevin Perlmutter EVP, Chief of Innovation Man Made Music


Breaking the Golden Rules: How Unconventional Decisions Drive Digital Results

The problem with conventional advice is that it leads to conventional outcomes. Marketers, strategists, and digital business executives absorb a set of golden rules over time that then turn into a set of best practices. But it's often those best practices that are holding us back from getting the results we want.

Rohan Gandhi Manager, Digital Sales Ops Verizon

A Case Study On Mobile Acceleration at Citi

Customer expectations are driving demand for seamless experiences, particularly on mobile and regardless of company’s size or industry, and banks are stepping up to this challenge to compete for customer’s time and loyalty. Citi FinTechacts like a startup within the 200-year-old bank. The group is delivering radically simple, connected customer experiences across platforms and is laser focused on solving customer’ biggest financial issues.

Sean Murray Head of Digital Invest & Save Citi

Networking Coffee Break

Can An App End Hunger? Activating Users On & Offline

We will journey into the importance of activating your users on and offline for a society of consumers that are waiting for us to tell them what to do.

Nick Marino Director, Social Change TangoTab

Innovating for the Mobile Age

Rapid Prototyping. Fast Failing. Minimum Viable Product. We’ve all heard the buzzwords, but what if you work at an organization that is slower to adapt? How do you cultivate a culture of innovation within your own team and beyond? How to overcome the mindsets that hold organizations back? Walk out of this session with tools and tactics to propel your organization forward in the digital age.

Angela Lee Chief Innovation Officer and Associate Dean Columbia Business School

Networking Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Mark Skwarek Lecturer of Integrated Digital Media Future Labs at NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Cross Platform Mobile Development: Converging for Quality

At FreshDirect, we've recently embarked on a multiyear program to re-platform our mobile portfolio, while also launching a completely new business, all on a single code base. In this presentation we’ll discuss our approach utilizing a cross platform mobile development strategy, and how automated testing turned out to be the critical driving force.

Thomas Connors Director of Mobile Fresh Direct

Becoming a Mobile-First Organization: How Increasing Mobile Adoption Affects Your Customer and Your Business

This year, the Miami HEAT became the first NBA team to require fans to use a smartphone – and their own app – to enter all 42 home games during the NBA season. This presentation will not only highlight the benefits of this drastic change to the business, but it will also break down common misconceptions about how mobile affects the fan and customer experience. In this presentation, attendees will learn what it means to be a mobile-first organization, how to effectively communicate and market digital initiatives to a variety of audiences, and how an agile approach to mobile operations and strategy can ensure successful implementation of new projects and adoption of your mobile app.

Derek Rhodes Manager, Mobile Innovation & Strategy Miami Heat

Networking Coffee Break

Mobile Innovation Inner Circle

What’s keeping you up at
night? The Mobile Innovation
Summit is more than just a conference. We want to give smart ideas and
connections to help you. We’re opening up the floor and want to hear from you. It’s
a time to share ideas, debate, network, and gain insights into tackling the
challenges and maximizing the opportunities in 2018 and beyond. 

Audience Members & Speakers Open Floor Innovation Q&A

Effective Design for Mobile Content Marketing

We all know that users are engaging with industry related content in their off hours and on their mobile devices. How do you insure your content creators are thinking in snackable and small space when creating micro content. What are the ground rules designers and editors need to follow for creating compelling and engaging content that works well on mobile.

Christopher Briseno Creative Director Digital Bloomberg


Apps for Every Reader - A Fireside Chat

Interviewed by: Randi Priluck, Ph.D, Professor of Marketing and Director of the Media
Storm MS in Social Media & Mobile Marketing at Pace University

Bolong Li Acquisition Marketing Director Audible

The Augmented Reality Explosion is Coming. Be Ready.

2018 is poised to be the year of augmented reality (AR) and mobile marketers need to start planning now. Learn about ARKit, ARCore, and WebAR, and how they can be used to create interactive experiences that turn any blank space into a targeted ad that a user wants to engage with. We'll discuss best practices for making the type of content users want to spend time with, and how to get it in front of them.

Cortney Harding Co-Founder Friends With Holograms

Building a Winning Digital Strategy

With the rapid evolution in mobile technology, the acceleration in data management capabilities and relentless advancement of Machine learning technologies, most organizations are grimly aware that in order to win or even remain in their markets, they must formulate and execute the right digital strategy. Nevertheless, studies report that more than 50% of digital strategies end up as dismal failures. Organizations across the world expend energy and scarce resources pursuing strategies that fail to deliver any of their intended value. Stakeholders suffer losses and employees experience frustration, burn out and disillusionment as their organizations swivel from one digital strategy to the other. But failure doesn’t really have to be the norm. In this presentation, we propose a practical approach for defining a winning a digital strategy and one that delivers a sustainable advantage for your organization.

Leecox Omollo Director – Digital Center of Excellence Adtalem Global Education