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Day 1

Light Breakfast and Registration

Chairperson Overview

Monica De Sousa Director of Payment TripAdvisor

How AI Could Undermine Financial Inclusion - If we’re Not Careful

Interviewed by:
David Mort - Vice President - Propel Ventures

Sankaet Pathak Founder & CEO SynapseFI

Marketplaces Businesses- How to Assess Payments Partners?

In this session, the presentation will provide a simple framework of some of the key considerations in assessing partners for the Marketplaces model. Our session will work to gain an understanding of the basic structure and key considerations when taking a payment as a marketplace, from both the Payment Partner and Marketplace Business vantage points. The session will draw on the groups collective knowledge, challenge existing ideas, and formulate creative approaches to some old and new problems

Monica De Sousa Director of Payment TripAdvisor

Morning Coffee Break

Credit 2.0 and the Future of Consumer Financial Empowerment

Living off a business model built on consumers’ mistakes and
misunderstandings is just unacceptable in 21st century America. Devious and
opaque credit practices not only hurt consumers financially, but they can also
artificially boost profits which, ultimately, damage a retailer’s brand. New
research by Qualtrics of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers found that retailers
offering an honest, transparent alternative to traditional credit cards attract
customers who may be resistant to or underserved by old-style credit while
creating more valuable and long-lasting relationships with those consumers.

In this keynote, Rob will talk about new innovations in credit that are aligned
with consumers’ best interests and empowers them to have greater control and
confidence over their financial lives.

Rob Pfeifer Chief Revenue Officer Affirm, Inc.

Driving Transactions

Nick Richardi Innovation Manager Rehrig Pacific Company

Digital Transformation With Machine Learning

Digital transformation (DX) is the goal of every organization. It can unleash innovation in existing products or can lead to an entirely new set of products and services. It is a journey that requires a well thought out strategy and an execution framework that supports innovation.Combined with Machine Learning (ML), DX can improve customer experience, drive efficiency and reduce cost that would have been unimaginable in the past. It can provide contextual and personalized experience to each and every customer. It can provide emotional connections to enhance brand loyalty.Cooldimi uses machine learning to build intelligent chatbots to help businesses enjoy the journey of digital transformation in an incremental fashion and leverages existing technology investments.

Kuldip Pabla Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Cooldimi


The Future of Online Grocery Shopping

Dan Bourgault Head of Brand Partnerships Instacart

Keynote Presentation featuring Marqeta

Sunil Singh Vice President, Operations/Payment Products Marqeta

Afternoon Coffee Break

The Future of Shopping, via Virtual Reality & Monetization of Immersive Content

Alexander Bordbar Chief Technology Officer Payscout

Networking Reception

Day 2

Light Breakfast and Registration

Chairperson Overview

Michael Chachula Director of IT Strategy, Innovation & PMO DineEquity

Changing Landscape of Restaurant Payments

We have entered into a technologically dependent economy, where customers are demanding to consume, how they want, when they want. where they want. Organizations, processors, and the entire payment infrastructure is scrambling to keep pace in many aspects. The biggest impacts to consider are the ever-changing regulatory landscape; the continual pressure of convenience demanded by guests; and just as important is the continual introduction of new disruptive and innovative technology are always present. Organizations need to keep up to stay competitive…but how? 

Michael Chachula Director of IT Strategy, Innovation & PMO DineEquity

How the Payments as a Service "PaaS" trend will impact your credit cards, debit cards, and checking accounts

Payments are becoming more invisible, and more embedded into our everyday experiences.  Many of these experiences are provided through apps and/or services from non-financial services providers.  Payment experiences today are now beginning to resemble an ‘as a Service’ model traditionally seen in the software space.  How does this shift in payments change how financial institutions approach product management?  How does this change how you measure if you’re the Primary Financial Institution (PFI)?  How might this change the profitability of traditional payments products issued by financial institutions worldwide today?

Christopher Danvers Vice President, Payments American Airlines Federal Credit Union

Morning Coffee Break

Product Acceleration @ Sam's Club – Driving Convenience with ‘Invisible Payments’

Why : Obsession with understanding the customer

Voice of 'Customer' and 'Associates'
Define the problem and KPI's
Voice of Customer
Articulating the Customer Problem

What : Importance of Storytelling

Executive Buy-In 
How to create ‘Network Effect’ : Leveraging product ecosystem in more effective way

Fusion of Product and Payment Innovation @ scale
How are we operationalizing Product Acceleration – to drive impact at rapid pace
Deep Dive - Leveraging Invisible Payments To Drive Convenience

Vinod Suresh Director of Product Management, Growth Walmart Labs

The Global Leader in Bitcoin Payments

Sonny Singh Chief Commercial Officer BitPay