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Day 1

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Michelle Vautier VP of Payments & Risk Patreon

Realizing the full potential of cloud-based mobile payments

• How millennials are driving the growth of P2P and mobile payments
• The impact of mobile payments on issuers, merchants and consumers
• Overcoming the underlying challenges of cloud-based payments
• Likely future segments in mobile P2P payments
• How all market participants can realize the potential of the mobile payments universe - offering segmented consumer experiences and advanced digital wallet capabilities

Abhijeet Ranadive Director of Product - Digital Wallets & Payments Braintree

Panel: Embracing the future of commerce

• Using value-add technology, to improve the payments experience for customers and generate valuable information for merchants
• Synchronizing in-store and online purchases, to offer a seamless shopping experience across all channels
• Mobile-based tokenization - accepting in-app and online payments across all digital platforms
• Using wallets to promote loyalty and reduce friction
• Transforming your business with digital- and mobile payments strategies
• Capitalizing on invisible payments and card-on-file

Abhijeet Ranadive Director of Product - Digital Wallets & Payments Braintree
Alan Outlaw President of North America TruRating
John Waldmann CEO & Founder Homebase
Michelle Vautier VP of Payments & Risk Patreon

Networking Break

An audience with Eric Solis

Eric Solis Founder & CEO MovoCash

Session Introduction from Sift Science

Jeff Sakasegawa Trust & Safety Architect Sift Science

Delivering a personal and seamless payments process to consumers

• Putting customer convenience and usability at the forefront of your payments strategy
• Using connected devices to create richer payments experiences
• Creating conversational and contextual interactions with chatbots and virtual assistants
• New ways to engage your customers through emerging digital channels

David Chang Head of Enterprise Payments Pacific Gas & Electric Company


Expanding value to your customers through collaboration and partnerships

• Building collaboration and partnership strategies that evolve with changing customer behavior
• Gaining wallet share by expanding your payments capabilities, software offerings, and value-added partnerships
• How both FIs and FinTechs can innovate through partnerships

Cyndi Hoddinott Head of Global Payments Dropbox
Jonathan Roberts Director, Patient Payments Pacific Dental Services
Lindsey Grossman Payments Partnerships Manager, EMEA, North America & Latin America Netflix
Michelle Vautier VP of Payments & Risk Patreon

Implementing a global dual routing strategy at Dropbox

• Improving credit / debit card authorization rates with a dual routing / chaining strategy
• Costs and benefits of using two or more PSPs for initial/one-time, subscription and/or rebill/recycle transactions
• How the strategy is impacting Dropbox’s ability to recover customers and their subsequent lifetime value

Cyndi Hoddinott Head of Global Payments Dropbox
Marc Norwick Leader, Global Payments Analytics Dropbox

A guide to business payment trends across the globe

Growing trends in business payments
How the different payments methods compare and what businesses should keep on their radar
Challenges adopting these new methods from both user and regulatory perspective
Trend for competitive fast payments (US v/s Europe v/s Asia)

Ken Kruszka CEO SnapCheck

Networking Break

The power of replenishment

• Driving repeat purchases and gaining repeat customers through replenishment models
• Evolving the payments experience for your customers, to accommodate a more customer focused model

Dan Bourgault VP, Sales and Business Development Replenium

Innovations in global operating capital liquidity

• FinTech innovations that overcome issues for small businesses when clients pay in 90 day terms
• The factors driving disruption in traditional operating capital businesses
• Why traditional financial institutions are unable to satisfy the market needs
• Identifying the pioneers in the sector, and how they are managing risk in the absence of traditional underwriting
• How FinTechs are solving this problem

Ryan Lee Head of Financial Management & Payments Turvo

Chairperson's Closing Remarks

Michelle Vautier VP of Payments & Risk Patreon

Networking Cocktail Reception

Day 2

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Michelle Vautier VP of Payments & Risk Patreon

Optimizing efficiencies to ensure a user-friendly payments process

• Creating and optimizing efficiencies when making real-time payouts to the driver community
• Moving towards a mobile first / app-based payments experience
• Integrating payments flows into the overall service proposition
• Factoring in common challenges (e.g. authorizing a payments transaction when you may not know the destination) to ensure a simple and efficient user experience

Ashwin Raj Vice President Lyft

Aligning your payments strategy with major global trends

• Navigating the payments landscape in developing countries
• Structuring your payments system that drive innovation
• Designing a multi-technology and multi-channel payments strategy
• How wallets need to adapt to modern demand
• Understanding the impact of innovation abroad on the U.S. payments market
• The future of crypto-currency

Nick Brown CEO Clear Purchase

Networking Break

Using IoT to quantify interactions and create value, which can be used as a currency to exchange for products and services

Nick Richardi Zonar Systems Zonar Systems

Panel Discussion: Payments security - emerging risks and mitigation solutions

• How laws and regulations affect existing and emerging payments
• Developments in electronic payments law
• Strategies and tactics to mitigate threats to your payments processes
• Advances in mobile authentication, 3D secure and biometrics
• Latest trends in payments fraud, and which fraud protection measures are being put in place by the authorities
• Collaborative initiatives for data protection, payment identity management and cybersecurity
• The adoption of open-end systems for data scientists to provide real-time feedback to any risk with certain parties of transactions

Peter Singer Chief Compliance Officer Coinme
Larry Brennan SVP Merchant Data Security & Cybersecurity Director Bank of America Merchant Services
Kevin Trilli Chief Product Officer Onfido


Creating a bridge between different payment options

• Using blockchain technology to convert cryptocurrencies to cash in real-time
• Enabling interoperability between real-time payments systems
• Increasing fungibility in payments, to reduce latency and give individuals quicker access to their cash

Eric Solis Founder & CEO MovoCash

Panel Discussion: Leveraging real-time payments to drive revenue and create new products

• How the new payment network is reshaping the competitive landscape
• Key strategies for processing both ACH and real-time transactions
• Automating your payment reconciliation process
• Leveraging real-time payments to drive revenue growth and new product enhancements
• How digital currencies can help to meet the demand for fully reliable, real-time payments

Eric Solis Founder & CEO MovoCash
Jason Mills Director of Product & Customer Experience Expensify
Deepak Jain Founder and CEO Swych

What’s Your Blockchain Strategy? Using blockchain for secure payments

• Navigating advances in the global and technology landscape as competition heightens
• Practical insights on why and how to innovate in blockchain
• Applying blockchain securely with a secure blockchain innovation framework to drive success

Olga Mack Vice President of Strategy Quantstamp

Networking Break

Innovation Challenge

This session will give attendees an opportunity to explore and expand on recent innovations in the global payments marketplace. You will gain new insights into which innovative products and services are resonating with consumers and driving value for businesses.

Topics include:
- Social payments
- In-car payments
- Contactless transit payments

Michelle Vautier VP of Payments & Risk Patreon
Ryan Lee Head of Financial Management & Payments Turvo

Chairperson's Closing Remarks

Michelle Vautier VP of Payments & Risk Patreon