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Day 1

Registration and Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Strategic Planning for Future Technologies

With increased computing power, our big data approach is rapidly changing the way industries work and how we approach planning in our companies, customer interaction and product innovation. An overview of the most impactful changes ahead.

Georgia Dienst Former Program Lead, Google X Google

FIRESIDE CHAT: Strategy From the Outside In

Increasingly, strategy requires looking outward beyond traditional industry boundaries. Innovation and competition arise from non-traditional players (including startups), and key strategic ideas can come from widely different areas. Strategy teams are ideally positioned to keep abreast of these opportunities, bring key concepts back to the rest of the enterprise, and use them as inspiration for their own work.

Erik Stuart Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning Wells Fargo


Through resilient and innovative "intrapreneurship" approach, Michael outlines how he leverages two core pillars of strategy to drive innovative business models and start-ups on a number of internal "start-ups" inside a 100 year + organization.  From breaking the mold in creating open engagement models, prioritizing and optimizing their thought performance to battling legacy inertia and deploying innovative scenario planning techniques to increase speed and agility in delivering critical business products, Michael will highlight how effective strategic planning can be used to drive sustainable internal innovation.

Michael Derry VP, IT Product Management Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Prioritizing Customer Lifecycle Managment

Griselda specializes in creating more value for users and future-proofing growth by prioritizing Customer Lifecycle Managment. Here she will share her thoughts on how Yahoo manages to achieve this.

Griselda Fernandez Senior Director, User Planning Yahoo

The Agile Workplace in a Fluid Environment

How does one of the fastest moving companies in the world maintain their fluid structure? The answer is a unique approach to corporate strategy and it's implementation, here discussed by Jennifer Sy Shah.

Jennifer Sy Shah Director, Ecosystem Planning & Operations Workplace by Facebook

Brand DNA: Beyond the Mission

Stephanie will discuss developing frameworks and campaigns that lead to meaningful relationships between brand and consumer.

Stephanie Hale Head of Brand Planning Twitter

Developing the AI Collective

The session will focus on how technology today is impacting business strategies. Nick will briefly introduce Bainbridge, what we do, what are values are and what we are working on. This will Segway into the development of The AI Collective.

Nick will talk in depth about how the forum operates and why we are inviting members to join. Bainbridge has is a unique position in the advisory services field we are staying abreast of the tech disruptors that are happening every day. Bainbridge has incorporated an AI Practice team that operates out of San Francisco, has an AI platform we are developing to use for our clients & CapSphere.

Nick will conclude with discussing Bainbridge’s current position in the market as an advisory firm that can uniquely help Fortune 500 companies successfully implement AI or advanced technology into their business. And with the development of our AI platform, companies will soon be able to utilize the value and accuracy of machine learning for the best go-to-market strategy decisions.

Nick Chini Managing Director Bainbridge


A New Innovation Challenge

Top companies are leveraging innovation to quickly develop disrupting products and services into their markets. Managing innovation projects require a high level of collaboration, agility and decision making in an uncertain environment. 

Organizations such as GE, Google, Apple, Stanford and MIT have used various workshops to provide employees hands-on experience understanding the management requirements for driving innovation. 

During this session, we will have a hands-on workshop that illustrates the interactions needed during an innovation initiative, highlights the powers of adapting quickly to changes and uses fun to spark creativity.

Hao Dinh Innovation Leader & Growth Hacker GE Power

The Greatest Source of Power is…

The greatest source of power is the human brain. Imagine the ability to challenge the ‘global brain’ to answer your most difficult questions? Hear how GE’s GENIUSLINK™ team is doing just that by enabling access to the ‘global brain’ for GE and its customers too! Learn how GE is using a variety of crowd sourcing techniques and tools, like the newly announced Fuse™ virtual micro factory community, to change the way business is done forever. 

Ann Marie Dumais Open Innovation Leader General Electric

Optimizing Strategy Execution in a Disruptive Environment: Lessons Learned at the US Postal Service

The US Postal Service, an organization with over $74 Billion dollars in annual revenue, 508,000 career employees and over 31,000 retail outlets, has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years to recover from years of revenue losses and to respond to changes in the digital marketplace and political uncertainty.  In this session, Emil Dzuray, Director of Strategic Planning, will review the US Postal Service’s strategic journey through radical cost cutting and transformation to recent revenue growth. He will review the Postal Service’s lessons learned for optimizing strategy execution in a disruptive environment that can be applied to any corporate setting.

Emil J. Dzuray Jr. Director, Strategic Planning US Postal Service HQ

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Managing Through Change

When change occurs, it’s up to a manager to support and guide employees through the transition process. The ability to lead and manage through challenging times is critical to a firm’s long-term success. In this session, we’ll discuss how change affects employees and what steps managers can take to help staff adjust and thrive amidst change.

Syed Hussain Vice President, Strategic Accounts Robert Half

Corporate & Brand Social Strategy - The Power Earned Influencer Peer to Peer Networks

Cause-driven social networks unite women around the world. This practical demonstration will show how a collaboration between a leading #WomensEconomy Professor, a social media brand builder, and a major multinational corporation is driving global change. Case History: #PowerShiftForum The Annual Oxford Forum for Women in the World Economy.

Donnetta Campbell Founder, Principal, and Lead Architect TheSocialArchitects

Networking Drinks - Exhibition Area

Day 2

Registration and Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Expanding Gilead's Treatment Program

This presentation will cover how Taco Bell are preparing for even further advancements in technology that will reshape the restaurant game forever.

Ahmed Afifi Head of Strategic Planning Gilead Sciences

Experiential Retail: Driving Brick & Mortar Traffic in an Evolving Retail Landscape

Jeremy will share how his experience of strategic planning in retail became essential to Macy's restructuring.

Jeremy Renna Former Vice President, Leased Strategic Planning Macy's

Strategic Planning for an Accelerating, Connected, Purpose-Driven World

In today’s hyper-connected business context, how can we design our strategic planning process to cut right to bigger, disruptive strategies? In this session, Claudio Ludovisi will lay out a process to zoom out past the typical 5 year horizon to disconnect from the way you do business today, and zoom back in to an action plan to get into action faster. He will also cover techniques to leverage the “whole organizational brain”, not just the typical left brain analysis, but advanced right brain collective techniques to energize and create from a clear vision of the future.

Claudio Ludovisi VP, Head of Strategy & Business Planning Disney ABC Television Group

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

FIRESIDE CHAT: A New Hope: Philanthropic Strategy at Lucasfilm

For the past three years, Lucasfilm has undergone a substantial merger with The Walt Disney Corporation. Kayleen has overseen the marketing strategy during this time, and will share her insights into how the company has begun moving toward philanthropy to solidify the brand's position as a centrepiece of family entertainment.

Kayleen Walters VP, Marketing Planning Lucasflim

Public Sector Innovation with the UNDP

Surely many associations come to mind when you hear the term ‘innovation’? Is the public sector one of them? – Thought not. But that might change. Governments and international organizations are increasingly embracing innovation. Join this talk to find out how the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) drives innovation to help partners achieve better development results and to change business as usual. Find out how UNDP’s Innovation Facility experiments with different approaches to embed innovation in core business processes and transform it from a weekend sport of a few to a daily practice of all staff.

Benjamin Kumpf UNDP Innovation Lead United Nations Development Programme

Secrets from the Minds Behind Silicon Valley

Famous throughout the world, Silicon Valley is the home to internet giants, budding start ups and companies yet to form that will change the way we interact daily. Khanh Russo outlines in this presentation how the City of San Jose continues to foster this atmosphere and exceed all expectations.

Khanh Russo Director, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation City of San Jose


Pivoting the World’s Largest Relief and Development Organization

After 60 years of providing assistance to the world’s most vulnerable children, World Vision has found itself facing its first declines in revenue.  A full-scale strategic review was initiated to uncover the causes and possible remedies for the decline.  This talk will address three components of this strategic planning process: 1) the analysis undertaken, 2) the role of culture, language and legacy as a help and hindrance, and 3) the final recommendations.

Chris Bosch Director, Strategy and Operations World Vision Australia

DISCUSSION There Won't Be Blood: Assessing the Strategic Response to Changing Oil Prices

Oil prices have been in a state of flux over the past few years. The record lows of oil prices are now shifting upwards once again, but how does this change impact your strategy and what have your companies done to mitigate, or capitlize on the effects of this? Prepare your answers to this and join our chairperson in an interactive debate, breaking the ice just before we break for networking drinks.

IE. Panelist Innovation Enterprise

End of Summit