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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson overview

Sehra Eusufzai Global Head of Brand Marketing & Communications OpenLink

Communications during a crisis: a study of strategic hurricane response

every business will face some type of crisis at some point. Unfortunately, it
is much easier to strategically plan for business as usual instead of
considering the multiple impacts of a potential disaster. This session
will reveal how BASF used a multi-layered approach to address the crisis
created when hurricanes ravaged the Gulf Coast last year, affecting several of
its offices, manufacturing operations and thousands of employees. Understand
how the company responded to and managed a potentially devastating situation
and walk away with best practices that you can apply within your own

Robin Rotenberg Vice President & Chief Communications Officer (CCO), Corporate Communications BASF

Signal what you stand for: unlocking your brand’s real market power & potential

In today’s business climate, being clear on your purpose and what you genuinely care about is the difference between sustained success and permanent failure. 89% of consumers believe purpose-driven organizations deliver the highest quality — yet only 41% of employees know what their company stands for. Brands experience an 85% increase in sales when they forge an emotional bond with their audience — yet few really know what they mean in the lives of their consumers. Discover the exponential value of unlocking your brand’s true meaning, and unleashing its real strategic power, in this insightful talk on achieving smart, sustainable, brand-driven growth.

Cheryl Farr Founder & Chief Brand Officer SIGNAL.csk Brand Partners

Fireside Chat: Leveraging design methodologies, driving innovation for the modern female

What needs to change to innovate smarter for women consumers? Exploring how an intreprenuerial spirit, a passion for bringing change from within, can rebalance gender perspectives; which is key to winning marketshare because women purchase 85% of all consumer goods and services, yet account for under 15% of innovation decision makers. Real-life examples of new design methodologies to close the gap between what women want and what business needs will be shared.Interviewed by:Dr. Sharon Melnick, CEO of Horizon Point, Inc.

Erica Eden Director of Global Design Innovation PepsiCo
Dr. Sharon Melnick CEO Horizon Point, Inc.

Networking Coffee Break

Fireside Chat: Women led: how it impacts the day-to-day

The underrepresentation of women in leadership positions leaves a lot to be desired, but what does it feel like when women are in c-suite positions? Sascha Donn, Group Director of Strategy and Meg Beckum, Creative Director at Sullivan will discuss how working for a women-led organization impacts the workplace.

Sascha Donn Group Director of Strategy Sullivan
Meg Beckum Creative Director Sullivan

The keys to building a culture of innovation through inclusion

Chris Hause, Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and
Business Development will discuss how building an inclusive organization is a crucial and integral part of a quality improvement process -- starting with awareness, creating
leadership expectations, aligning policy and practices, and measuring and sharing performance data. Through the lens of product innovation – she will explore diversity and inclusion in her
organization and how that focus led to groundbreaking innovations and revenue

Christina Hause Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and Business Development Kaiser Permanente

Panel: Innovative women rising: how female entrepreneurs are changing the startup landscape

In 2016, venture capitalists invested just $1.46 billion in women-led companies. Male-led companies earned $58.2 billion in investments, illustrating the frustrating truth that the stark landscape for female entrepreneurs persists today. The aim of this panel is to provide a robust framework for how female founders can navigate the fundraising journey, foster relationships and leverage key strategies from mentors, sponsors and other avenues. Join us to learn how to develop a new toolkit from prominent female leaders and organizations that support Female entrepreneurs, including bringing awareness to fundraising, mentorship access, and best practices on how to develop strategies to better navigate their own entrepreneurial pursuits.Panel Moderator: Natalie Fratto, Vice President of Early Stage Practice, SVB Financial GroupPanelists: Kat Kinkead, Founder and CEO, Beheld3DDawoon Kang, Co-Founder, COO & Head of Marketing, Coffee Meets BagelCaroline Klatt, Founder and CEO, Headliner LabsMariya Nurislamova, Co-Founder & CEO, Scentbird

Leading Female Founders Panelists 2018 Women in Strategy Summit

Restructuring work to fit the needs of modern society

Outdated, inflexible structures of work affect our economy, health, and happiness in very real ways. Companies are struggling to compete for talent, while ambitious women are in constant pursuit of a more life-compatible job. Werk's Director of Enterprise Strategy shares how they’re building a more flexible future for all, and a clearer path to leadership for women, through enterprise technology.

Leslie Caputo Director of Enterprise Strategy Werk


Female millennials: business lessons in love & luxury

As millennials reach their peak earning years, as an undeniable
social and economic powerhouse, they’ve fundamentally changed the rules of play
for today’s luxury brands. Discover how their relationship with tech and pop
culture influences how this powerful segment approaches the world, their
purchases, and each other. 

Leyda Hernández Chief Executive Officer C'est du Luxe

Panel: Empower by example: how female leaders are paving the way and sharing their secrets of upward mobility through mentorship

The latest McKinsey & Co. Report cites that when more women sit at the decision-making tables, better decisions are made. Despite a record number of women graduating college and entering the workforce, statistics show the pipeline discrepancy between women who start careers and how many advance to senior positions. Mentorship is critical for women as they navigate their professional lives, where women in positions of power actively support, sponsor and guide, especially at pivotal points of decision. What's more, we look to discuss distinct differences between mentor,
sponsor, and advocate -- and how to identify and build relationships with
each type of person as you advance your career.  Female mentorship, sponsorship and advocacy prove to be crucial ingredients for success as they provide the opportunity for rising women to broaden their experience & perspective, build social capital, develop strong business acumen, navigate organizational politics more strategically and gain the confidence to find their authentic voice.Panel Moderator: Carmen Scheidel, Co-Founder & CEO, EdMakerPanelists: Amanda Pacitti, Vice President, Learning + Development, MeredithSehra Eusufzai, Head of Brand Marketing & Communications, OpenLinkShreya Mukherjee, SVP Global Strategy Director, DeutschVeronika Moroian, Vice President of National Sales, Univision Communications

Panelists Cross-Industry Experts Women in Strategy

Networking Coffee Break

Fireside Chat: Turn down the noise and turn up the volume: how to repair employee communication for business impact

Technology has changed how we communicate and employee expectations and behaviors have shifted. Communication in the enterprises is broken, creating an urgent business problem affecting employee alignment, productivity and engagement, further costing companies millions of dollars annually. Today, successful communication depends on targeted, timely and concise messaging across all platforms and devices.

In conversation with Joelle Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer at Dynamic Signal, Susan Warner, Senior Vice President, Internal Communications at Mastercard, will share insights on the best ways to align a workforce with your employees to successfully modernize, streamline and measure employee communication and engagement to measure business impact.

Joelle Kaufman Chief Marketing Officer Dynamic Signal
Susan Warner Senior Vice President, Internal Communications MasterCard

Scaling for impact: how Science News went from debt to profitability with the creation of a new product

Like so many other publishing entities, Society for Science & the Public (the Society)’s nearly 100-year-old award-winning magazine Science News struggled in recent years to find a business model. When President and CEO Maya Ajmera came to the Society in 2014, the news organization was losing money. Maya created an innovative sponsorship program called “Science News in High Schools,” which invited philanthropists to sponsor high schools. With this new program, she was able to bring the publication to profitability in three years.

Maya Ajmera President and CEO Society for Science & the Public

Serving on a corporate board: uncover if it’s for you & where to start

The journey to the boardroom can, at times, be an overwhelming undertaking filled with questions about what to expect, how to prepare, and how to be an effective board member. During this session with Women in the Boardroom CEO & Founder Sheila Ronning, you will get answers to burning boardroom questions, including:

What are the four main types of boards?

What is the job & responsibilities of a board director?
What are the risks of serving on a board?
Why pursue board service?
What is the time commitment & compensation for board service?

Sheila Ronning CEO & Founder Women in the Boardroom

Chairperson closing remarks

Sehra Eusufzai Global Head of Brand Marketing & Communications OpenLink

Networking Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson overview

Dr. Sharon Melnick CEO Horizon Point, Inc.

Leveraging innovation and collaboration to develop a global corporate purpose strategy

How do you look at
the current mega-trends and develop a sense of hope and purpose for your organization?
How do you quantify the value? How do you track and measure the results? In
this presentation you will learn how to look at the current trends and
translate them into benefits within an organization.  Taylor will illustrate and give examples of
how to develop innovative products and programs aligned with your corporate
purpose.  She will talk about how to
partner not only within an organization but also externally with customers,
NGOs and communities to be a “Change Agent for Good”. 

Faith Taylor Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Social Responsibility Officer Wyndham Destinations

Panel: Secret sauce: success strategies and lessons learned from women in leadership

Research shows that more diverse companies perform better, yet senior leadership and corporate board ranks remain in strongholds of the status quo. Progressive, innovative companies are working to increase career flexibility, address the talent pipeline and tackle unconscious bias that inhibits progress. Change must come from leadership – and even among those companies getting it right, momentum proves hard to maintain. The aim of this panel is to advance this debate, incite momentum, and to arm attendees with steps to foster lasting change in their organizations and beyond. Through practical examples and key insights from female business leaders, we will address the hurdles companies face as they seek to obtain, train, and develop their most talented leaders.Panel Moderator: Dr. Sharon Melnick, CEO, Horizon Point, Inc.Panelists:
AnaTracey Hawkins, Vice President of Strategy and Development, Richter Ratner
Rochelle Stewart, Director of Social Strategy & Innovation, Condé Nast 
Pauliina Jamsa, Global Senior Online Marketing Manager, Siemens

Cross-Industry Experts Panelists Leadership Panel

Fireside Chat: lessons from the top: CEOs discuss business leadership during times of industry change

How do business leaders quickly
adapt and grow within changing business environments?  What are the best
practices for developing business strategy driven by innovation and business
acquisitions?  Attend this session to hear about the big picture, the
details and all of the insightful tips in-between. 

Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo


Wallace, CEO of Ellevate Network 

Kristy Wallace Chief Executive Officer Ellevate Network

Networking Coffee Break

Panel: TNT reborn: evolution of a network

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a serious disparity problem when it comes to male-to-female representation period (.) In the backdrop of one of the most brutal shakeups the entertainment industry has seen to date, learn how TNT is not only reshaping the dialog around the network, but also redefining women’s place as leaders in the industry. Learn “who run the network” with original programming, brand marketing and multiplatform strategies are empowering women in-front of and behind-the-scenes, while these senior executives race to evolve the top 5 rated network to be the future of entertainment for fans everywhere.Panel featuring:Sarah Aubrey, Executive Vice President of TNT Original Programming, TNTMelissa Chambless, Senior Vice President of
Brand Marketing, TBS & TNTKarina Kogan, Senior
Vice President, Digital Media and Products, TBS & TNT&Tonya Lewis Lee, Co-Founder of ToniK Productions

Sarah Aubrey Executive Vice President of TNT Original Programming TNT
Karina Kogan Senior Vice President, Digital Media and Products TBS & TNT
Melissa Chambless Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing TBS & TNT
Tonya Lewis Lee Co-Founder ToniK Productions

Panel: Disruption driving innovation: how female leaders are defining & accelerating innovation & strategy in 2018 and beyond

Female storytellers,
creators, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians worldwide continue to
make groundbreaking contributions to their fields. The modern workforce is
closer to gender-equal than it has ever been, and many efforts are in place to
support further progress. This enlightening and inspiring panel aims to shed
light on personal narratives and case studies of female leaders, and cultural
and policy shifts that are lighting the path for females driving innovation forward and
the promise for equal representation.Panel Moderator: Ciara Dilley, Senior Director, Transformation Innovation, Global Snacks, PepsiCoPanelists:Eva Kozanecka, Executive Producer, Digital Content, Strategy, Museum of Modern ArtHeather Taylor, Director, Creative Strategy, The EconomistShama Amalean, Chief of Operations, ThinxKosha Gada, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Comcast NBC UniversalLuvleen Sidhu, Co-Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer, BankMobile

Panel Innovation Experts Women in Innovation Panel


Fireside Chat: Driving innovation and growth at start-ups and legacy firms

Cynthia Loh has launched two business lines at two different start-ups and is now responsible for the growth and strategy of Schwab’s $25 billion robo advisory business. Through these experiences, she has learned that when it comes to driving innovation and growth, success is not as simple as a formula - it has many different variables. While getting product-market fit and pricing right is critical, success is also highly dependent on the company culture, appetite for change, and a focus on what’s best for clients. This conversation will be an honest perspective on what it takes to nurture innovation and drive growth at both a start-up and a larger, traditional firm.Cynthia will be joined in conversation by Julie VerHage, Startup Reporter at Bloomberg.

Cynthia Loh Vice President Charles Schwab
Julie VerHage Startup Reporter Bloomberg

Fireside Chat: Starting a movement & bootstrapping a community-led start up

How do you build an engaged, growing tribe in just three years, without outside investment or a sales team? Naomi Mdudu will break down how in
conversation with Laura Bindloss.

Mdudu is the founder of The Lifestyle Edit, a platform that not only
shares the candid journeys and insights of boundary-pushing creative female
founders, but also breaks down the strategies they have implemented and
credited for their success. Originally launched as a content platform, she’s gown
the business to incorporate networking events, workshops, consultancy and 1:1
business coaching for female entrepreneurs.

Naomi will discuss the importance of getting into alignment with your
business, taking the time to identify who you’re building it for, who your
ideal customer is and how to strategically align those elements. She will
explore the power of partnerships in servicing your tribe and why content isn’t
king, usefulness is. The conversation will also explore why she decided to
start small and the way the needs of her community and the quest to offer
solutions has driven her evolving business model.

Naomi Mdudu Founder, CEO, Editor The Lifestyle Edit
Laura Bindloss Founder Nylon Consulting

Fireside Chat: Co-creation: building community through interdependency and relational culture

Presented by Co-Founders of the New Women Space, Sandy Hong and Melissa Wong.
What does it mean to be in community?
How do we create a culture of co-creation
Why is depth of relationship key to building loyalty and belonging and how can we achieve this in our organizations?
Melissa Wong
is driven by the desire to make meaningful connections between people in a time
of beeps and bops. She has worked for an array of hospitality businesses, and
has supported creative communities like Kickstarter, SoundCloud and Seth
Godin’s altMBA alumni. Prior to NWS, Melissa ran a peer mentorship +
accountability group for women called Up Speak.
Sandy Hong
has worked in the realms of digital marketing and content strategy for over ten
years and continues to consult for organizations both big and small on how to
best reach and inspire their audiences. Sandy's scope of community organizing
first began with recognizing their own personal need for support and solidarity
as a Queer, Trans Person of Color and 1st generation Korean-American. Since
opening NWS, Sandy has committed to working at the intersection of
transformational justice and healing, empowering self-identified women, femme,
QTGNC individuals to take action and ownership of their future.

Melissa Wong Co-Founder New Women Space
Sandy Hong Co-Founder New Women Space

Networking Coffee Break

Radically informative indicators – measuring fewer things for greater impact

Do your staff bring you huge decks of data that you must wade through to figure out if your company is doing well? Do people in your organization understand what success looks like and how to measure it? Research and experience show our measurement systems to be fraught with misdirection, blurred focus, and over- or under-application. Business is replete with examples of people and organizations measuring things that do not assess the real impact of their activities at the strategic level.Come join Laura Freebairn-Smith for a short talk about discerning what is worth measuring and how to get your organization aligned around those “radically informative indicators.”

Laura Freebairn-Smith Professor of Leadership, Diversity and Team Building Yale University

How to thrive in times of change

is tough. Especially recent advances in technology such as AI can leave us
feeling no longer competent and that the world in which until recently we
thrived, no longer exists.

Yet the ones having a competitive advantage in the corporate world are the ones
constantly in the forefront of change in this ever-developing and fluctuating
working and economic environment. Learn how to turn change into an opportunity
so you can realize your full potential – both personally and in business.

Pauliina Jamsa Global Senior Online Marketing Manager Siemens

Chairperson closing remarks

Dr. Sharon Melnick CEO Horizon Point, Inc.

End of Summit